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28 days sober kit

Yerba Mate Energy Infusion
28 days sober kit (28x 250ml)

28 days sober kit

(for the person who's had a little too much fun in confinement)
organic + fair trade28 x 250ml
28% off the second kit for a committed friend!
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45 mg caffeine
plant based
super antioxidant

In this paragraph, we’re going to try to convince you to go 28 days sober for the month of February. Which you might think is a very long time to abstain from your favorite guilty pleasure after a long day’s work. Or, maybe we won’t have to convince you and you will want to do it on your own with our special 28 pack of fair trade yerba mate energy infusion, packed with antioxidants to help you go that extra mile.

The 28 day sober kit includes:
7x Original 250ml
7x Rose & Hibiscus 250ml
7x Passion 250ml
7x Mint & Lime 250ml

nutritional facts & ingredients
No hangover guaranteed (if you commit!)
Resist the urge for that glass of wine after work and let our delicious organic yerba mate energy infusions give you that little bit of happiness you’re looking for. Trust us, they have the perfect dosage of caffeine & theobromine to sustain your energy throughout a productive day (even lazy ones).
No Bullsh!t
  • "Natural" Flavours
  • Artificial flavours
  • Citric acid
  • Taurine
  • Guarana
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial sugars

Yerba mate is a natural energizer, containing caffeine and theobromine, a blend of alkalines that allow slower ingestion of caffeine. We get a continuous energy without great high or big crash associated with coffee. In addition, yerba mate has many health benefits, being even more antioxidant than green tea. Learn more.

To replace morning coffee, after lunch to avoid the digestion crash, before going out for a frenzied evening… and the next morning!

No! Even if Mate Libre contains caffeine, the product is not considered an energy drink, since its caffeine content is moderate with 45mg per can. We created Mate Libre with the desire to offer a drink with the stimulating benefits of yerba mate, but without being an energy drink overdosed in caffeine. A can of Mate Libre is about the equivalent of an espresso, but the energizing effect will be better controlled and prolonged.

No! Mate Libre is not a fermented product. No vinegar taste. And much more energizing than a Kombucha! Kombucha is made from an infusion of tea and sometimes even yerba mate. Fermentation of the kombucha mushroom will reduce the caffeine content of the infusion by around 70%.

- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Orange juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Orange blossom water
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Rose water
- Organic hibiscus extract
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic cane sugar
- Organic passion fruit juice concentrate
- Passion fruit essence
- Lime juice concentrate
- Organic mango juice concentrate
- Yerba mate infusion (water, organic yerba mate)
- Organic agave syrup
- Lime juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Chlorophyll
- Organic mint oil