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A crisp, juicy flavour that will transport you to a sun-kissed garden. Freshness in every sip!



Exotic, rich, and dangerously fruity. A taste worthy of the local fruit markets of South America.


mint & lime

It's like happy hour in a can. Refreshing and fresh, perfect for a late day on the patio or a hot day by the pool.


The benefits of yerba maté?

  • Stimulates your mind

    Put your brain in focus mode: yerba mate infusion can help stimulate brain activity thanks to the natural presence of polyphenols. The end of your sessions will be much more productive.

  • No crash

    Prolonged, better-controlled energy without palpitations thanks to yerba mate. The natural combination of caffeine and theobromine in yerba mate infusion helps regulate energy. Bye bye coffee down!

  • Recovery

    Whether it's for sport or after a night out, we've got you covered! Yerba mate enables you to recover 8.6% faster from physical exertion in the 24 hours following it, just when you need it most.

mate libre is made from an infusion of yerba mate, a tree of South American origin. A superfood with multiple benefits.

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Strategies for Sustaining High Levels of Focus in School

Strategies for Sustaining High Levels of Focus in School

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Yerba Mate?

    Ilex paraguariensis, by its botanical name, or yerba maté, is a tree that grows in southern countries of South America, mainly Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Yerba Mate leaves are naturally caffeinated and picked and dried for consumption, traditionally infused in a calabash (small container), using the bombilla (filtering straw) and by adding hot water.

    Mate Libre uses these same leaves to offer a refreshing, tangy, floral, slightly sweet and energizing beverage. Learn more about what is Yerba Mate

  • What are the benefits of Yerba Mate?

    1. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
    2. Can boost energy and increase mental alertness
    3. Can help weight loss
    4. Can increase bone density
    5. Can help stimulate the immune system
    6. Reduces blood sugar levels
    7. May reduce your risk of heart disease

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  • Is it safe to drink Yerba Mate everyday?

    Absolutely! Like coffee or tea, yerba mate is definitely safe to drink every day and locals in South America drink anywhere between 1-4 litres of a day. While we don’t recommend drinking THAT much (especially for those not used to drinking caffeine) feel free to incorporate yerba mate drinks into your daily routine!