Yerba Mate Energy Infusion

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organic + fair trade

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Mate Libre Mix (12x 250ml)
mix pack (3 of each flavour)
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rose & hibiscus
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mint & lime
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better for you
better energy
60mg of naturally infused caffeine from yerba mate leaves. No yerba mate extract!
plant based
Only plant based natural ingredients. Only ingredients we would use in our own kitchen.
super antioxydant
Yerba mate is even more antioxydant than green tea!
sustainable drinking
100% sustainable
All our products are recyclable.
Glass + Aluminium
certified organic
No fertilizer, pesticide or OGM are used in the manufacturing process of Mate Libre.
carbon-free shipping
carbon-free shipping for more than 90% of our deliveries on the Island of Montreal.
certified fair trade
For each bottle and can of Mate Libre, we give back to the workers' association that harvest our yerba mate. Funds are used to buy school supplies and for community activities.