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Certified Organic Yerba Mate + Fair Trade

We don’t claim to be perfect.
Cleary we’re not.
But we do all we can
for this planet we inhabit,
for the people that live on it
and every person involved in the process
of creating Mate Libre.
zero carbon emissions
On all our shipments in the greater Montreal area for over 2 years.
We’re not speaking about carbon offset. Literally no carbon emitted.
Our deliveries in the greater Montreal area are done by bike, electric bikes, electric cars and electric trucks. Year-long. Even pallets are delivered carbon-free!
zero plastic in our packaging
By the end of 2022.
We’ve never used a plastic container. Mate Libre uses aluminum cans, but plastic unfortunately often finds its way in the product packaging.
In 2021, we have set ourselves a goal to completely remove plastic from our packaging. Why? Because even though some types of plastics are recyclable, it still creates demand for a fossil fuel based packaging. We believe aluminum and cardboard to be more sustainable.
certified fair trade
On 100% of our products. Since the launch of Mate Libre.
It is very important to us that everyone involved in the production of Mate Libre is treated with social and economic respect.
We believe Fair for Life to be one of the fairest, most equitable and transparent fair trade systems in the world. The gold standard in fair and ethical trade.
Fair for Life is a guarantee that everyone along the whole certified supply chain is treated fairly and equitably. It’s not just certified farmers and producers who are checked. Fair for Life ensures everyone receives minimum wages and decent working conditions along the way. This includes our growers, blending partners, packers, as well as employees.
global standard
Unlike most other fair trade standards, Fair for Life covers trade with “developed” as well as “developing” countries. It means that suppliers in countries like Turkey and Hungary are also protected under the Fair for Life scheme. We can source even more ethical and fairly traded ingredients.
fully transparent
You can see our profile and fair score on the Fair for Life website.
direct trade
Of our yerba mate. Since the launch of Mate Libre.
We buy all our yerba mate directly from South American farms. All our producers are certified Organic and Fair for Life. We have a good relationship with them and this means a lot to us. Doing direct trade allows us to make sure a minimum fair purchase price is paid for every kilos of yerba mate purchased, ensuring good wages and conditions.
For the people that harvest our yerba mate
We give back an additional premium of 5% of all purchases volume goes directly to the association of workers who grow our yerba mate to support their community.
This premium is paid directly to the farmers’ workers association. It does not goes to the certification body or any one else for that matter.
The funds are used in many ways to support their community such as school material, eye examinations, prescription glasses, necessities, community activities and more.
certified organic
On 100% of our products. Since the launch of Mate Libre.
Organic agriculture is something we believe in deeply. This means no fertilizers, chemical pesticides or GMO ingredients are used in the production of Mate Libre.
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Orange juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Orange blossom water
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Rose water
- Organic hibiscus extract
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic cane sugar
- Organic passion fruit juice concentrate
- Lime juice concentrate
- Natural flavour
- Yerba mate infusion (water, organic yerba mate)
- Organic agave syrup
- Lime juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Chlorophyll
- Organic mint oil
- Organic and Fair Trade Yerba Mate Infusion (Carbonated Water, Yerba Mate)
- Organic Lemon Juice
- Organic Ginger Juice
- Organic and Fair Trade Hibiscus
- Sugarcane Reb M