Why it all started
from Berlin to Montreal

Mate Libre was born out of a desire to offer funky, energy infusions without falling into the artificial. Let's face it, it shouldn't be this hard to find drinks that taste good and are natural! Whenever, wherever and with whomever you find yourself.

Berlin: where it all began

Ever heard that one trip can change your life? Well, Maté Libre is the epitome of this quaint Hollywood cliché. Even though yerba mate is originally from South America, it was in Berlin that Edouard took his first sip of the magical green leaf.

If you've ever partied in Berlin, you know that sleep is for the weak. That's why, when bars and clubs started offering Yerba Mate as an alternative to the usual alcoholic drinks, it scored big! And honestly, who needs boring cocktails when you can have Mate + Vodka?

Edouard's first approach to Mate was with this famous combination. We won't bore you with the details of his "taste journey", but let's just say he smelled the bubbles, loved the herbal flavor and felt in a good vibe. To stick to the point: It was a perfect match. Edouard fell over heals.

1001 recipes

On his return to Quebec, Edouard was struck by the terrible realization that Yerba Mate had not yet been adopted by the province. But one thing is certain: in life, Edouard doesn't give up easily. If he couldn't find a Mate-based infusion, he was just going to create one himself. That's easy, isn't it?

So, in his little apartment kitchen, he experimented with a thousand and one recipes until he finally found the perfect one. Balanced, herbal and refreshing. And there you have it! Mate Libre's Original flavor was born.

Who would have thought that a simple idea over a glass of wine could turn into a proudly Québécois company.

Our history to date

2017 - A Eureka night

It was during a night out at a club in Berlin that Edouard fell under the spell of Yerba Mate in 2017. As soon as he returned to Quebec, he started from scratch and created his first recipes in his small apartment kitchen. And the rest is Mate Libre history!

2017 - 1001 recipes

A few years later, Edouard was creating recipes in the kitchen of his Montreal apartment. 1001 recipes later, he invented Mate Libre's Original flavor.

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2019 - the birth of Mate Libre

Edouard proudly launched the first two flavors of Maté Libre: Original and Rose & Hibiscus.

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2019 - Carbon-free delivery

It's barely been 6 months since Mate Libre was launched when we decided to do a 180˚ on our deliveries in Greater Montreal: all our packages will now be delivered without carbon emissions, either by bike or electric car.

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2020 - Launchhhhh

A hectic year, but Edouard took the opportunity to innovate with 2 new flavors: Mint & Lime and Passion. Just in time for his appearance on Radio-Canada's Dans l'œil du dragon.

Watch the show here!

2020 - Mate Libre LIVE

And why not spread a little fun throughout these confined days? A crazy idea came to mind: broadcast live three concerts produced by Mate Libre. Yes, we found ourselves in seventh heaven, tripping with Les Louanges, CRi and Geoffroy!

Curious to see our LIVES?

2021- Bye Bye plastic!

We've given our cans a new look: we've left behind the plastic sleeves that used to cover them and printed them directly onto aluminum. Another step towards eco-responsibility.

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2021 - The family expands

Ginger Zero, our first sugar-free flavour, becomes our 5th flavour to be launched.

Does this flavour pique your curiosity?

2022 - Come full circle

Bold, delicious, festive and unique, we're launching Mate + Vodka at the SAQ! The same Berlin cocktail behind Mate Libre. The first organic ready-to-drink at the SAQ!

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