Mate Libre Yerba Mate on Dragon’s Den

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Mate Libre Yerba Mate on Dragon’s Den

 Did you know that Mate Libre had a successful appearance on the reality television show Dans L’oeil du Dragon

Dans L’oeil du Dragon is the Quebecois adaptation of the hit international show Dragon’s Den, where entrepreneurs pitch their business plans to a panel of experienced investors known as dragons. 

Mate Libre’s founder and president, Edouard Dufour-Boiteau, appeared on the show in 2020 to pitch the delicious line of Mate Libre Yerba Mate drink products. The Mate Libre pitch was very well-received, and Dufour-Boiteau had to decide between two fantastic offers from the dragons.

Ultimately, Mate Libre’s success on the show has helped the brand to become Quebec’s #1 yerba mate product. 

Mate Libre Enters the Dragon’s Den 

Formerly a cinematographer, Edouard Dufour-Boiteau began making homemade yerba mate drinks in his Montréal apartment after a trip to Germany, where he tasted yerba mate for the first time. 

Fast forward a few years into the future and he is appearing on an episode of the Quebecois adaptation of Dragon’s Den to pitch his company’s delicious yerba mate drink to investors to help continue the company’s growth. 

The Mate Libre pitch is simple.

It’s not an energy drink, and it’s not kombucha – despite often being compared to both. The Mate Libre yerba mate drink is unique in that it’s all-natural, moderately caffeinated, and low in sugar. 

Mate Libre has created a yerba mate-infused beverage that is both energizing and refreshing. Thanks to the theobromine in yerba mate, you won’t experience a huge caffeine spike or caffeine crash like you might from a cup of coffee or a regular canned energy drink. 

On top of being delicious, refreshing, and energizing, all Mate Libre products are certified organic, certified fair trade, and are made, packaged, and transported sustainably. 

What’s not to love about that?

Mate Libre’s Early Growth Catches the Dragons’ Attention

In the first year as a company, Mate Libre recorded just over $250,000 in sales. 

If the dragons weren’t impressed by the product alone, this number was enough to catch their attention. 

With Mate Libre already being sold in a variety of stores throughout Quebec and across Canada, and with promising new partnerships developing elsewhere in Canada and the United States, it was at this point that several of the dragons began to show real interest in the Mate Libre brand.

A Drink The Dragons Couldn’t Refuse

Is there a better way to learn about a product than trying it yourself?

The dragons quickly learned about the invaluable versatility of the Mate Libre product when they had the chance to sample some Mate Libre-based cocktails, such as:

  • A virgin passion (made with Mate Libre passion
  • A Mate spritz (made with Mate Libre rose & hibiscus)
  • A mojito (made with Mate Libre mint & lime)

But what if you don’t want to make a fancy cocktail? No problem. Just open a bottle of Mate Libre, take a sip to make some space in the bottle, and pour in some of your favourite alcohol, such as vodka or gin. 

This works especially well by adding some vodka to a bottle of Mate Libre ginger. But, to be honest, when you crack open a Mate Libre yerba mate alongside a bottle of high-quality alcohol, the options for cocktails are endless.

Now that sounds like a drink that’s tough to refuse!

The Dragons Make Two Offers for Mate Libre

The founder and president of Mate Libre, Edouard Dufour-Boiteau, came to the Dragon’s Den with an initial request of $100,000 from the dragons in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.

Six figures worth of capital can go a long way with a growing company such as Mate Libre, and the dragons appeared prepared to make a strong offer. 

One pair of dragons offered $100,000 for a 15% stake in the company. Another pair of dragons agreed to Mate Libre’s initial request of $100,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

Dufour-Boiteau retreated backstage to consider the two offers. Ultimately, he emerged and accepted the offer from Nicolas Duvernois & Marie-Josée Richer of $100,000 for a 15% stake in the company. 

This investment partnership was quite a strategic move, considering the professional backgrounds of these two dragons. 

Duvernois is the founding president of Duvernois, the largest independent producer of spirits in Quebec, known for popular brands such as Pur vodka and Romeo’s gin. Meanwhile, Richer is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Prana, a leading brand in the organic snack food industry.

Partnering with two experienced entrepreneurs such as Duvernois and Richer has only helped the brand to grow into Quebec’s #1 yerba mate product. 

Have You Tried All The Mate Libre Flavours Yet?

Mate Libre can be a fantastic replacement for your daily cup of coffee. Plus, it beats the caffeine/sugar crash that often comes along with your typical canned energy drink.

When you consider the many health benefits of drinking yerba mate – including the high concentration of antioxidants in the plant’s roots and leaves – yerba mate is an undeniably awesome beverage. 

With Mate Libre, you don’t have to go through the fuss of brewing your own tea. Instead, enjoy a nice, cold, refreshing can of Mate Libre yerba mate in a wide range of flavours, including:

  • Passion
  • Rose & Hibiscus
  • Mint & Lime
  • Ginger
  • Original 

  • Mate Libre is perfect for every occasion. 

    The only question left now is…

    Have you tried all the Mate Libre flavors yet? 


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